Nicholaus Cusanus Cusa’lı Nikola Filozof Nikola Kuran Eleştirisi

  • Moses had described a path to God, but this path was neither taken up by everyone nor was it understood by everyone. Jesus illuminated and perfected this path; nevertheless, many even now remain unbelievers. Muhammad tried to make the same path easier, so that it might be accepted by all, even idolaters. These are the most famous of the said paths to God, although many others were presented by the wise and the prophets
  • Therefore in the Qur’an the splendour of the Gospel shines forth to the wise, to those who are led by the Spirit of Christ
  • The goal and intent of the book of the Qur’an, is not only not to detract from God the creator or from Christ or from God’s prophets and envoys or from the divine books of the Testament, the Psalter, and the Gospel, but also to give glory to God the Creator, to praise and bear witness to Christ (the son of the Virgin Mary) above all prophets, and to confirm and approve of the Testament and the Gospel. When one reads the Qur’an with this understanding, assuredly some fruit can be elicited from it
  • We find passages in the Qur’an that are useful for us
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